Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time For a New RELEASE!!

Patrick Patrol Car!

Soooooo.....I have this book, see... It's just a little On Board Art Journal from Stampin' Up (item 107065) that I decorated. I use it to jot down lots of interesting bits and pieces of my life, including photos, ephemera, etc. The detritus of living.

Within that book, I have several sections, including one about my town. I've lived all over, so I've tried to include the fascinating, unusual, freaky or otherwise unique things about places I've lived.

I live in Arizona, about as far north as one can get and still be in the state. Therefore, I often find I spend more time in Utah than Arizona. There are several peculiar things here, including a desert that doesn't know it's a desert, a mountain that is laying down, and a staircase you can't climb up. A lot of the geology runs north to south, meaning avenues of travel follow those valleys, north and south. We're kind of isolated by our geology. Where is this going? Enter Patrick Patrol Car and his Officer.

Well, there are several small towns along this particular valley, kind of like little pearls on a string. Each town is unique, and has an expectedly small budget. One of the interesting things about small budgets are the unique ways that small budget is expressed. In our valley, it's in traffic control - or the lack thereof. Each town in the valley has a squad car (fully functional) parked at some prominent place for weeks or even months at the time. Each car has a "model" officer sitting, fully uniformed, in the car with his hand raised to greet visitors.

When you don't have a stop light, you have to make your own Saturday night fun... We gather out front of the gas station, at the post office or on a porch to watch the tourists. You can tell 'em right off - they see that squad car (mind you, it hasn't been washed in a month, and the collection of debris around the tires should be a dead giveaway), and slam on the brakes. Or...they'll pull over, get out and walk back to his car to get directions to the next "modern" town, complete with map in hand!

Our town's dummy officer is Latex Larry (given his parentage, though some call him Fredonia Fred), the towns on up the valley boast Kanab Karl, Orderville Ollie, Glendale Gary, etc. I tell ya, it's a riot! So, that's the next installment in my little book of precious memories... I really hope Rob doesn't mind this tongue-in-cheek production, but Patrick was just a priceless and perfect addition!

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Ta for now, ~ky


  1. Latex Larry!! OMG that's too funny!!! Love the book idea Ky! Great job hon!! :)

  2. Latex Larry is fine with me!!! We named him after Christina's son (Patrick) as a little gag. Malcolm is coming on Tuesday! Care to guess what he is??? LOL Glad you're haing some fun with my latest drawing. Call him what you like!

    ~Rob (Sunshine's DH)

  3. Love the book idea! Such a great keepsake. LOL about Laytex Larry. I noticed they've been doing that on the Navy base lately... they park a security car somewhere for a week and there's a manequin inside. I always think of Old Navy as I speed by. HA!

  4. BTW ... we like your Rabbit up top. We have wild Rabbits in the yard everyday here. They stop chewing when I head out to work...I suppose they think they are invisible when still? Silly Rabbits...~Rob

  5. OMG Ky....that is just too funny!!!! I LOVE your book...what a great idea.

  6. Wow, luv the book KY...spectacular memories! Your branching out and what amazing projects! Hey, I have something for you on my blog...go take a look! *smile*

  7. wow Ky you sure know how to make me smile!!! :) Congrats on being chosen on Card of the Week!!! :) You rock hun! {hugs}

  8. What an awesome idea for a mini-album!


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