Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I'm Not Lion

I'm not! It's very true that I'm in love with this particular lion line art. I've searched high and low but I cannot find anyone to credit with this beautiful lion artwork. It's been on several tattoo websites and elsewhere, but no names given.

HCSB Journaling Bible. Supplies at the bottom of this post.
Label stickers are retired Creative Memories highlighted with white gel pen.

This video shows you a technique called watercolor lifting where you lift off some of the water based ink. I hope it will inspire you!

I've used this piece to help tell the story of 2 Samuel 23:20-21 when Benaiah killed a lion. In a pit. On a snowy day. Wow. I wouldn't go into a snowy, dank pit with a mad llama! I'm not lion! (Really bad, sorry folks!) Here's some random thoughts on long-necked no-hump camels.

We are one day away from a mega-storm here in East Texas. I'm prepared. I have enough toilet paper and animal food to make it through. My needs are secondary to the real owners of this house. I'm glad they let me live here.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I received a delivery today that will keep me busy and distracted from the storm. Except when the natives demand attention and treats. It's an Arkon video stand and I'm seriously in love.

If you'd like to save 20% on the price, use code UNDERSTANDBLUE at checkout.

That's all I have today, kids. I hope it brought you joy and inspiration. Stay safe!



Thursday, February 15, 2018

Olympic Mania

It's an Olympic year! I love the Olympics! Each one is fraught with its own drama, sometimes it's the athletes, sometimes it's the venue construction, often it's the coming together with most of the politics and nationality issues set aside for 2 weeks. I love to see those athletes who look out for one another. Those that cheer and even cry for people competing against them.

There's a lot of swirling and twirling in the Olympics. Lots of people flinging themselves and each other around a frozen sheet of ice with razors for feet. People are insanely flinging themselves down windy, frozen slopes with thin boards on their feet. Insane because they have to scoot out in a wind that would do its own dance with their light, lithe bodies just to voluntarily throw themselves down.

Somewhere a volcano is crying over no bodies being sacrificed to quench their hunger.

In anticipation of these swirling, crazy, death defying events, I put together a little tutorial to help you let out some pent-up need to spin. It's daring. It's potentially life-changing (especially if you have light colored carpet).

See? The wind just blows her little skirt around. She could be wearing skates - we just don't know. But she has an umbrella so maybe she's performing a skit on ice? You can write her story.

You can bet she has a great mani-pedi. I mean, with a designer dress like that... 
The Beautiful You stamp set is packed with great images and sentiments.
Thank you for stopping by. I do hope you're enjoying the Olympics. Tell me what your favorite sport is, what best moment you've seen so far, who you're pulling hard for. I'd love to know!

Ta for now,

Beautiful You stamp set
Whisper white cardstock
Random nail polish
Disposable water tray
Coffee stir stick
Paper towels
Gloves (optional)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Oooh It's a Movie!

Hey there YouTube junkie! It's been awhile!

To be honest, I wondered if I'd ever get back to sharing videos. Yeah, I make and sell video stands, but I haven't been able to make any videos. Why? Well... not to get too technical, I had an electrical issue that made my lights pulsate at a different rate than my video's refresh rate. Alternating current pulses very quickly - so fast that our eyes don't notice. Cameras don't lie, however.

But, YAY! I moved all of my equipment to the other end of the house which happens to be closest to the power insertion point - the least resistance, and I switched recording devices. So, here I am. Back to video power!

I'm sharing a video today using Brusho - a watercolor powder - and the Oh So Eclectic stamp/die bundle. I love this set because it's so grunge-worthy but still so clean. Look at that great geometric die! It just begs to be a window.

I set up my Brusho a bit differently than most. I took it out of the original bottles and put them into a style of bottle used for e-cigarette refills. This allows me to tap out the amount I need in a very precise manner. They are also more portable with less worry about spillage.

I hope you have time for a 6 minute video. More than that, I hope you'll feel inspired and enabled to replicate this technique on your own.

It really is easy. And if you don't like the results? Toss it and play again. Or do like I do - leave it on your desk until a certain part speaks to you. Then use it!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with, or how you feel about this medium. All the supplies are listed below. Please comment if you have questions - I'd love to help you! Please comment if you like this project - I'd love to hear from you! You can find me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Ta for now,

Watercolor paper
Stampin' Spritzer
Whisper white paper
Melon mambo ribbon (retired)
Oh So Eclectic Stamp and Die bundle
Silver Metallic Thread
Clear Faceted Gem
Glimmer paper (blushing bride used here, no longer available)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Your Civic Duty

Hello friends! Recently I was called to sit for jury duty. I consider it an honor. It's a privilege to be asked to hear evidence and decide an outcome. Many people, though, don't like it, don't think it's a good way to do things, but everyone charged has a right in this great nation to have citizens consider their actions. While it's imperfect, it is the way we've had to protect the process.

This wonderful new set is Hedgehugs in the Occasions
catalog, on notecards - perfect for mailing!
I had information that we might be selected for 2 jury trials, one was a murder. As I sat watching the selection process, I was amazed by a few things.

People gripe. Before anything was done, people around me were already moaning about being there. Seriously complaining with all sorts of delightfully naughty words. They colored my opinion of them. I just wanted to stamp.

The Wood Textures patterned paper and Daffodil Delight
1/4th inch double-stitched ribbon make this a breeze!
The court process was smooth - a well-worn, efficient system. The first thing they did was pay us. All of us. Then we could sit and listen. Still the complaining. YOU GOT FREE MONEY. True, it was only $6, but a seated jury earns $40 a day. Whine.

Happy Wishes is one of the great items you can earn during Sale-A-Bration!
I love sequins. This is a brand new folder Scattered Sequins Dynamic Textured Impressions and
it makes me deliriously happy! The ribbon is Berry Burst finely woven ribbon with a
sweet self-adhesive sequin! What? Yay!! The paper is Color Theory ombre fade.
So I was sketching ideas for cards and dreaming about ink colors, techniques, the latest stamps in my studio...day dreaming. With a side of whine. On the phone. Whining about serving. Why is the court officer not snatching her phone??

As the judge went along telling us the process, he started asking different groups to approach if they fit the descriptions disqualifying them from serving. You know, like being older with health problems, a mother or father in full-time care of children, unable to sit and pay attention for 1.5 hours of testimony at a time. Whining continued.

This set called Party Pandas can be earned for Sale-A-Bration.
The silly sentiment is from a new set Birthday Wit in the Occsions catalog.
After we go through the 'easy' dismissals, the judge talks to us in terse language about how felons cannot serve. Two get up and leave. Really? How did they get on the list!?! Maybe they were recently convicted? I don't know.

The paper is Delightful Daisy from the AC, the Celebrate You die is a Sale-A-Bration
set, and the flower is from another Sale-A-Bration set Amazing You.
Then he talks about dirty crimes. Yes. Dirty little crimes. Thieving. Dirty thieving people. They cannot serve if they have been convicted of thieving. Not even if they've been arrest but not convicted of thieving. Thieves must be the worst in this judge's world. I mean, they're pretty low in mine too. Especially copyright thieves. Boo!

This darling box is new! You need it because you can fill it with
goodies! Lots to Love includes those darling small hearts and the
conversation-style hearts, too, plus the banner die! Squee!!
So the thieves were asked to come forward. There goes my whine. In her scrubs. To tell the judge she's a thief. Why couldn't she call and state that and avoid the whole thing? I suspect she likes whining about thieving. In public. On her fancy i-Phone with her thousand-dollar 2-inch custom nails. Lord, please forgive me for judging, but now I can't help but wonder what she thieved.

Did I mention this is a bundle? Yes!
A gorgeous bundle with the Sure Do Love You stamp set. And the
papers...swoon! I'll show you those in my next post. Divine with great embellishments!
The judge tells us he needs 64 people. I look around - there are maybe 80 of us left. His computer pulls a random list. I'm not on it. Not even mispronounced. I'm sad that I have to leave, but I'm glad to go play in my studio.

Hope your day is wonderful and whine-free!

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