Monday, June 28, 2010

Squish wiggle snore...

Remember childhood? Those times when you could (and did) fall asleep in your dinner plate? Well, bunniez are no different! MacMiller shows us how to perform the squish wiggle snore:

{click to enlarge}

Now for something a little different. I have been working very hard at some projects for a swap. I thought I'd share a couple images with you. Mind you - I've been doing a lot of Zentangles because: a.) I have enough chaos trying to unpack and b.) said chaos has not revealed where my Copic markers are yet - but I will get back to other types of art soon!

{click to enlarge}

A front and back bookmark from things I encountered on our cross-country voyage. All kinds of critters hidden in this one.

{click to enlarge}

I drew this one while watching a fascinating show on undersea life. I had to include some penguins to bring the sea and surface worlds together. These are such fun to make! It's an ATC (artist trading card) that's 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

I'm off to my next adventure, box diving for my Copic markers! Hope everyone's have a great start to their week!

Ta for now, ~ky

Saturday, June 26, 2010

CHAPTER 19: Twinkle, Twinkle...

"Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!"

You know the song, perhaps?'

`I've heard something like it,' said Alice.

`It goes on, you know,' the Hatter continued, `in this way:--

"Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea-tray in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle--"'

Here the Dormouse shook itself, and began singing in its sleep `Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle--' and went on so long that they had to pinch it to make it stop."

Hello out there! It's a beautiful day here in Wonderland and a twinkling one at that! We are wrapping up one FABULOUS month with a super fun, no-pressure challenge! We are going to ring out the month of June with a Twinkle!

That's right, just use something Twinkling, Glittery, or Sparkly on your card or creation this week and we'll put on our shades :D Before we get to this week's challenge though, Oh, Alice would like to thank Kellie at Tickled Pink for such a wonderful sponsorship and amazing prize! Congrats to Barbara Washington YOU are the winner of a Tickled Pink Lil' Lotita Rubber Stamp! Please email Jessica for details on how to claim your prize! We are so excited about our sponsorships here at Oh, Alice! and thank all of our wonderful contributors thus far!

Here's my "Manly" Twinkle-riffic sample:

A VERY special thanks to Lynne Phelps, our June Guest Designer! It has been a pleasure having you at our twisted little table and we will miss you! Next week we will be back to announce our July Guest DT and have more tricks and treats up our sleeves....'til then, there's no time limit to play this week, so get your twinkle on and be sure to come back to the Oh Alice! blog and let us know what you did!

Have a very twinkling week!

~ky (and da bunz!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big News!!

Thank you all for patiently waiting for my big announcement. I was going to tease you with a sneak peek, but I thought that wouldn't be a good idea. You see, sneak peeks usually are just small glimpses of the larger thing. My news is big, but the images are small, so giving you a peek wouldn't show you much. Capish?

We made the move to Chicago, and lost our baby girl, Jinge. Thank you for your outpouring of sympathy. We got in touch with some of the fine bunny people in the Chicago area, and were pointed in a new direction. We were made aware of 2, 6-week old dwarf rex bunny twins...for sale in a pet store. Come on people! Why would you put a pair like this up for sale where they will be separated after making the initial transition to a pet store together? Who is that heartless? Yep, we had to remove them from that callus heartache.

Without further ado...let me introduce Tinker's little brothers: Mac Miller and Buddy.

{click for a closer look at cuteness!}

Yes. Macky loves his brother, and Buddy tends to run his battery down to total collapse. They are totally adorable, and insatiably curious. They also have the disapproving bunny look down to a fine art!

Yep. That's a passed out bunny. He explored every inch of his Dad's recliner, then found a place to wedge himself and went belly up. Just adorable! now you know. We're so very proud of these two fellas. They will be adorning my blog over the next few entries...probably even longer. I'll try to have a little update on them along with my future projects. Future projects should be getting a little more frequent - we picked up my new IKEA studio today! Yay!

Alright - enough of my gushing. Thanks for checking in on the bunny nest - we are continuing in our mission of great art, bunny antics and Ambassadors of Bunny Therapy.

Ta for now! ~ky

Saturday, June 5, 2010

CHAPTER 16: What's YOUR Muchness?

The Mad Hatter said to Alice:
"You used to be much muchier before! Yes, you were much more Alice the last time we met. You've lost your muchness..."
Alice replied:
The Mad Hatter pointed to her heart and repeated "Yes, your muchness..."

We have MUCH MUCHNESS to be excited about today! Not only are we excited about our new June Guest Designer, but Oh, Alice is THRILLED to welcome a few new FULL-TIME place settings to the Twisted Thirteen!
Please welcome:
ERIN LEVEILLE (formerly our beloved Dormouse)
and returning from our April Guest table, KIM HOWARD!
We know these fabulously talented ladies will make a wonderful addition to our already amazing party of twisty-ness :) Please join me in welcoming them!
Our sponsor this week is the sweet Prairie Fairy Designs. Roberta was generous to provide the DT with some digital images to work with and we have a fabulous prize for the winner this week:

Thanks to Roberta and everyone at Prairie Fairy and thanks to Margie for helping organize this!
So, what's YOUR MUCHNESS? We want to know the HEART of your stamping style. Whether it's your favorite embellishment, "signature style", fave technique...we WANT TO SEE the MUCHNESS!

{Click to enlarge}

Yes - we have MOVED! I started this page when we were a mere 165 miles down the road on our move. We had hoped to get a good 5-7 hours of driving in on that first day. We serviced both trucks, had the trailer looked at, thought we were ready. My truck, old reliable Hootie, said "Uh uh." In the middle of the eastern Utah deadlands. On a side ramp. No cell service. No radio. Nuthin. Karl and I had checked the undercarriage and thought the rear gear had sheared teeth. I had all 6 animals in the truck. All of them. Hot, worried, getting dark....
Praying all the time in my head - I looked up to the interstate. The exit we had been forced to take sat below the view of the interstate. The only people who could see us were 18-wheelers (height) and in the slow lane. We watched for a few minutes. We saw an orange truck, different. It was a wrecker!! I waved, jumped up and down, hoped, heck I would have stripped if I thought it would work. He slowed!!! He's backing down the on ramp!! Glory halleluja!
It'll be an hour and a half, ma'am, until we can come back to get you. Karl and I set all the pets out and watch the sun go down. I pulled out the journal and let my mind relax. I drew a ribbon. I began this story. Life is often full of trials and I wanted to record what God had to show me. So, I began to doodle the things around me. Plants, rocks, textures, wishes... We dug in our bags for warm clothes as the sun set, and put the kids back in the truck.
About 2 hours later, our saviour returned with help. They got us loaded and took us to Salina, UT, so Hootie could get an exam. We expected a huge bill. We explored options so that Karl could still reach his jobsite that Monday, and I could come along, alone, later. We worried.
The driver, he was a dear!, dropped us at our hotel so we could get what we needed (and the kids) off Hootie without having to climb up and down. We got things gathered up, and he started moving the bed of the wrecker into the flat position for transport. There was a problem. He tried again, no luck. He tried once more, and all the transmission fluid poured out of the exploding hoses... I think it was near midnight when they got to contemplate dinner and bedtime.
This was the omen of how this trip would go. I still haven't unboxed my studio supplies. We're just happy to be here, and thankful for all the things that happened, those that didn't, and all the wonderful people that helped us or were blessed by getting to know along the way. That, my friends, is MUCHNESS. It could have been simple, uneventful, but then it wouldn't have been memorable or filled with MUCH.
You are one of the people who represent MUCHNESS in my life. You are MUCH in many people's lives, and vice versa. Explore your MUCHNESS with a great big smile! For MUCHNESS takes us to Wonderland every time we allow it!
Ta for now,  ~ky
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