Monday, June 28, 2010

Squish wiggle snore...

Remember childhood? Those times when you could (and did) fall asleep in your dinner plate? Well, bunniez are no different! MacMiller shows us how to perform the squish wiggle snore:

{click to enlarge}

Now for something a little different. I have been working very hard at some projects for a swap. I thought I'd share a couple images with you. Mind you - I've been doing a lot of Zentangles because: a.) I have enough chaos trying to unpack and b.) said chaos has not revealed where my Copic markers are yet - but I will get back to other types of art soon!

{click to enlarge}

A front and back bookmark from things I encountered on our cross-country voyage. All kinds of critters hidden in this one.

{click to enlarge}

I drew this one while watching a fascinating show on undersea life. I had to include some penguins to bring the sea and surface worlds together. These are such fun to make! It's an ATC (artist trading card) that's 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

I'm off to my next adventure, box diving for my Copic markers! Hope everyone's have a great start to their week!

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. OMGoodness!! This is the first time I've had some actual time to sit and go through your blog. I LOVE it!! LOVE it!! You and I share two things I hold dear to my heart---art and animals!

    When I was younger I had two rabbits--and I loved them dearly. When we move and have our own place--I want rabbits again. They make such loving pets.

    Keep up the beautiful blog--and the beautiful work you share with the world!

    I'm so proud to call you my friend!

    Big hugs,

  2. PS Where in Arizona do you live?!?! I'm in Phoenix!


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