Friday, September 19, 2014

Get Well Bunneh

Hey there - Splitcoast Stampers (SCS) has a new platinum company with the cutest images. I LOVE THEM. Lili Of The Valley, from England, has a stellar line of products, and best of all, they ship WORLDWIDE for FREE. Yes! Love love love!

This week's Mix-Abilities challenge on SCS was brought to us by Birgit (Biggan), and she asked that we make faux marble paper to go with our projects this week. I thought I'd step it out for you, so here we go:

I started with rich colors and added shadows. I worked with them a bit to get nice deep shading, and to add a few features to the bunneh. You can do this for almost any image, if you haven't thought of that. It's really a nice trick!

I used a mask over the image then stamped 2 very old Stampin Up background images for the bedspread and wall. I wanted them to be similar for a cohesive feel. In the first image, there were no folds and dimples on the bedspread or pillow. I chose where they might be to make it feel like the bunneh was sitting into the bed rather than just on it. I added glossy accents to the carrot juice bottle, some Gelly Roll clear star to the spoon, and dots of white on the grapes and bottle to add dimension.

I sprayed watercolor paper (Master's Touch cold press, 140 lb) with water, then with several colors of Dylusions spray to complement my colored image. I love how it pools and spreads leaving feathered edges and puddles. Love!

Now, 140 lb watercolor paper is heavy. The technique (faux marble) requires wrinkles, but it isn't easy to get wrinkles with heavy paper. So... I peeled it apart. Many papers are laid or layered, and if you're careful and have a little patience, you can tease them apart.

Even so, I did manage to get a few little rips and tears in it. That's actually going to work in my favor because real marble has lots of defects.

 You can click on any image to see it larger.

Here it is all wrinkled up. I love this step because I can take out all my frustrations on it. Hahahaha!

I gently applied distress ink direct from the pad over the wrinkles. You only want to hit the peaks, but it's not the end of the world if you get a little in the valleys.

I went over it, just as gently, with a damp wipe. I wanted to soften the harshness of the ink just a little.

Just because every piece of marble I've fallen in love with has veins of many colors in it, I felt like this was crying out for a little white here and there. Now, Dylusions will seep into your white ink because it's a very friendly product - just like Dyan Revealey herself! In between the Distress ink and the white Memories ink, I sprayed a very light coat of clear spray. I wanted to see the white.

Another thing I love about marble are the specks all through it. I used Dylusions and some well-watered down white acrylic paint to add splatters all over the piece. I love doing this. If you get too much in one place or a big glob, you can lift it right off with a paper towel. Isn't that fun?

I put them all together for the finished card. This card is for a dear friend of mine who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. I'm sure it will lift her spirits!

That's it for me today. You should go check out Lili Of The Valley and the Mix-Abilities challenge on SCS. We have a great time exploring mixed media, and even our mistakes teach us lessons. Hope to see you there!

Ta for now,
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