Friday, July 17, 2009

Moooooo Me...VSN

Non sono il suo muggito me... I'm not your moo-me. Snark! Ok, this was one challenge from VSN on Friday. This is the new image from Sunshine's Stamp Creations! His name is Malcolm the Milk Truck! Our VSN challenge was to make a card representing a wilted salad (crumpled cardstock) with an Italian sentiment. I hope it brings you a little giggle. Visit Sunshine to request your Malcolm! Then head over to VSN and play along! You have until 10 p.m. Eastern on Sunday to upload!

Here's a little bunny love. This is Tinker...she's a Daddy's girl, who loves to have her nose rubbed. She's looking pretty good given that she's a rescue. Hug your kids!

Ta for now. ~ky


  1. Hmmm ... Tinker is lookin' pretty relaxed! I'm thinkin' she get's treated pretty darn well! LOL.


  2. LOOOOOVVVVVVEEE IIITTTT!!!! What did you use for the silver?? This is a great card hon. I will try to get my blog list of links up tomorrow. Hugz, Sunshine:)

  3. Glad you picked up on the fact that I made a plackard on the side of the truck for flexibility. Well done!

  4. Hugs to you!!!!

    This card just makes me smile!!!

  5. I love the way the page curls outward as if Malcolm has just driven through your paper!


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