Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ildi Company - A Look Back

Wow... it's been a great ride with Ildi Company. I thought, rather than build something new (actually, I have a new project...but we'll save that!), we would take a little walk back. This company doesn't get a ton of hoopla, but I think that's unfortunate. In preparation for a three-company blog hop, it would be worthwhile to focus on the two that I work with weekly.

This was the very first project I created for Ildi Co. I love this bear. Clean lines, straightforward expression, clear sincerity. Yeah - everyone has their idea of the perfect "bear," but stuffed bears were based on Teddy Roosevelt, rather than on the animal. He was one of the most sincere presidents, in my eyes. He saw a world where animals had a job to do, and men survived on the appropriate use of animals. I can respect that.

My aunt had some gorgeous mass-reproduced art in her guest bedroom. They were a little hobo girl and a little hobo boy with the biggest eyes. They were in the room I always stayed in. I was mesmerized by those images. I found a similar, whimsical feel in the Clownkins' series, especially this sweetheart. This image reminded me of images from childhood - when the hobo kids were just beautiful art, not heartbreaking pictures of reality.

Lastly - there are these two images, combined into one project. I loved halloween - not for the fright part (tho I love a good scary story!), nor for the candy. I love halloween for the possibilities, and the things we don't know. For all the advances in our society, we are still rather limited in our knowledge beyond what we can see and touch. It's amazing to me how one artist can bring all of these concepts, textures, and possibilities to life in what many of us consider a relatively flat art.

Therefore, I implore you to visit Ildi Co's store, and see for yourself the lattitude of possibilities laying there for you to bring to life. I hope you have enjoyed this little peek back, and will be intrigued to stick around for the promises of the future.

Ta for now! ~ky


  1. What adorable creations...each unique and so very nicely done. Love the stitching and these adorable images. Great job all the way around!

  2. Wonderful collection of cards Ky. Love the button detail in the first one. It is really fetching and caught my attention right away.

    Hugz, Sunshine:)

  3. Ky what Wonderful card you done these so cute... will you share me... so I can love to lol

  4. Thanks for reminding us of your past creations! You always do such lovely work :)


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