Friday, October 2, 2009

Friends with Flair from Vegas!

Hi all! I'm in Vegas, so my post will be short and sweet.

{click to enlarge}

This is for Jimmi - who doesn't want it to be fall/winter yet. In your mind, Jimmi, pretend it's a spring day!

Alrighty - I need to get on the road. I hope all you peeps have a wonderful Friday. Don't forget to see Angela's blog for all the other wonderfully talented Unity customers, and check out her specials and the Bachelor challenge!

Ta for now! ~ky


  1. Beautiful card Ky!! Lucky girl being in vegas, have a good time! :D

  2. ahhh how fun, have a great time!

  3. Ky's in Vegas baby! Have fun and great card from the road.

  4. Very pretty card KY! I hope you are having time to enjoy yourself in Vegas and not just On the road!
    Next weeks unofficial theme is edible... anything you can eat!

  5. This is gorgeous Ky...I LOVE it!! Xx

  6. Great gravy ~ that is GORGEOUS!!! Have fun in Vegas!

  7. cute card!! hope you are having a good time

  8. How sweet of you! And pretty, too!

  9. wowo
    what a wonderful card!!!!
    love this

  10. Very pretty - thanks for the inspiration

  11. AWWWW Thank you! I needed that!
    Your card is beautiful!


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