Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Product! The Camera Stand!

I'm so excited! I haven't been too keen on making new videos because I had this problem. My set-up was bulky, hard to manage, and I had to get up on a ladder to check to see if I was still in frame. It was a bear.

Then my friend, Lydia of Understand Blue, told me to not use my big honking 35mm video beast and simplify things. I love that about her. She's wildly funny, very pithy, and such a generous sharer with her tricks and tips. Simplify. (Are you nodding along with me?)

So many selfies! 
Well, we went to convention. Together. A whole flock of little "Lydia's" in one town. I don't know how the city is still standing. We had a flaming BALL!! And I met this sweet lady, Katie, who shared her knowledge with me. DIY video stand for your cell phone!

Bev loves my little flower crab, Richard. We wuz HERE!
I about fell over dead because I'm pretty sure lightning just struck me right on the head. I was sitting next to Lydia. I'm sure that's what saved me.

When I got home, I went on the search, went to my second favorite toy store (Home Depot), and bought supplies. About 30 minutes later - eureka!

Yeah, I hope no one gets sea sick over this video. Like I said, I need help in videography! Heehee! The stand really makes a difference, though. And if you're like me... you have to clean that dinner table off to put dinner on!

Share it with your friends. I can think of so many non-crafters who would find this a big help too. I have a clickable link next to "Home" up there at the top. Click it. Order - I would love to make one for you, and you can even pick the color.

ALSO - If you'd like in on the fantastic madness and learn some sa-weeet stamping skills, check out Lydia's fall retreat: UNWIND at the Loft House! It will sell out quickly, so sign up soon!

Have a GREAT day! (Oh, and I'll have another video coming really soon, so check back!)


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