Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm gonna gut you!

Hey there peoples of the world! We got some rain today. Finally! I think it  had been 43 days this go. We're not used to that. So while I was listening to this awesome thunderstorm, I decided you might like to learn something.

Have you ever got that nagging notice from the mailman? Your letter is being held in postage due hell? Oh that used to kill me. It never failed to happen on a Saturday and it would be Monday before Mom could pay the bail money on my pen pal letter that was barely half a page. But the glory of that half-page! Postage due is purgatory.

Today I played with my MISTI and Work Of Art stamp set. I wanted an ombre feel so I stamped the zig zags off until they faded away. The MISTI is magical for this sort of stamping!

I thought I might give you a way to save that extra penny or two while at the same time showing you how to stretch your cardstock dollar just a bit farther. It's a process known as gutting. Here's the quick video.

Now, I hope that gives you some ideas and that you PUT THEM TO USE right away. I have a little challenge that isn't too hard, and returns a lot in joy even on a dreary day. Send a card, give a note, leave a post-it for someone you don't say thanks enough to. #positivityproject. Just do it.

Off you go - have some fun. Reach out. See you soon.

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