Monday, August 10, 2015

Fall Out Paper Pumpkin Style

It's hot in Texas. Really hot. We're kinda used to it but this is really hard. It 'feels like' 112*F outside today. Really weather people? Can you not say it so cheerfully? "Feels Like" is the best you've got?

Normally I do not venture far from my home in weather like this. I mean, it's a real risk of tire melt if you leave home. Most parking areas are paved in black asphalt. They say that's so the ice and snow will melt in the winter. Shhhmmmmm.... Winter is exactly 2.67 days long here. Spumall (spring-summer-fall) occupies the remainder with summer greedily usurping 90% of that. It's such a smug season, too.

I ventured away from home today because I had an 'invitation' to sit for Jury Duty. I think this is a very important civic duty. I was really disappointed in some members who arrived and snivled over every perceived slight. I like juries and the legal process. Divine providence knew I shouldn't be put at such dire risk with this weather, thus gave me a doctor's excuse.

They give you 3 chances to exempt yourself - the first are life-related, too old, too young, in school, etc. The second group are legal reasons, like, you're a felon. The third group were the infirm, hence my turtling up to the Judge to show him my high tech heart monitor gizmo that shrieks if I think about shifting my tookus while seated. It. is. HIDEOUS! The judge actually leaned away from me when I held it up for him to see. We talked about it for 15 seconds. He said, "See the clerk, best of luck to you." I have a feeling someone is going to be given new screening rules for prospective jurors.

While I was sitting there waiting my turn and getting rude stares from my peers, I was thinking about whether or not I could put together My Paper Pumpkin in such a situation. We were sardine-like in theatre seats made for little children without oil. With record high temperatures blazing down on the hot-stone-coffin that is century old brick government buildings with tall windows and poor circulation. No chance for My Pumpkin to shine.

So we hit the road. City library, toute de suite! I actually sat in my truck on a hot asphalt parking lot waiting for them to open. I was amazed at the number of people already lined up - only one had small children. This was refreshing. However, there was no space for the pumpkin and the sun was rising.

Corner bakery and step on it! I pulled it out. The food was ready before I could snap a selfie! Sigh. Off to the grocer, then home. At least this Paper Pumpkin can brag to its friends about the daring and wild life it lived.

Have you signed up for this very portable box of joy? Each month provides you with a complete project - a full set of cards, stamp set with ink, embellishments and envelopes or a set of birthday cards and gift bags - that you can work on anywhere. With anyone. Even bored kids or your office friends at lunch or with your besties as you have that last party before heading off to college. Best of all - if you are a new customer, you can get 50% off your pumpkin for the first 2 months. There is nothing to lose! Ok, well, actually you'd lose $10 a month if you didn't, so DO IT!

I'll sweeten the deal - sign up through me, and I'll send you a lovely thank you prezzie for joining! Let's play!


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