Saturday, July 10, 2010

CHAPTER 21: Breaking All the Rules...

"At this moment the King, who had been for some time busily writing in his note-book, cackled out 'Silence!' and read out from his book, 'Rule Forty-two. ALL PERSONS MORE THAN A MILE HIGH TO LEAVE THE COURT.'
Everybody looked at Alice.

'I'M not a mile high,' said Alice.

'You are,' said the King.

'Nearly two miles high,' added the Queen.

'Well, I shan't go, at any rate,' said Alice: `besides, that's not a regular rule: you invented it just now.'

'It's the oldest rule in the book,' said the King.

'Then it ought to be Number One,' said Alice. "

Hello everyone!

Today we have a fun and rather rebellious challenge for all of you out there in WONDERLAND! We start out with a lovely sketch by Sammi:

The catch? You must RE-CREATE this sketch somehow. Switch out a panel or two, flip it on its side, upside down, etc. There are no rules except to break them, meaning you can't follow the sketch exactly! Makes no sense right? GOOD. :)

Today we also are thrilled to announce another wonderful sponsorship from SPESCH DESIGNER STAMPS! Thank you so much to Tracey Feeger for allowing the DT to work with your adorable images! Tracey is offering a prize of a VERY generous $10 Gift Certificate to the Spesch Designer Stamps Store! Be sure to check out all of her cute designs and be sure to play along this week for your chance to WIN!

Go ahead...BREAK all the KNOW you want to!

Here is my sample for the amazingly Twisted Tea party:

{click to enlarge - it sparkles!}

I used Ranger distress inks to create the background for Cheshire to disappear into, and spritzed it with glimmermist to create that magical sparkle! A litte embossing, some Copic work, and a dusting of perfect pearls over the embossed sentiment completed the card. I put an evil TWIST on Sammi's sketch!

You have until Friday, July 16th at 8pm CST to enter to win! Post your project on the Oh Alice! challenge blog! Good luck and be sure to link your creation below! Ta-ta for now all you rebels out there!

Ta for now! ~ky


  1. Awesome creation! Love the technique and your twisted take on the sketch!

  2. Very cool, I can see her disappearing before my eyes.

  3. Ky this is beautiul, i love the wonderful colours. The sentiment is great too
    love tasha xx

  4. Hmm not sure if my comment just worked, will try again lol.
    I love this card Ky, the background and sparkle are AMAZING!!!
    Kristy xx

  5. Love how the Chesire seems to disappear into the background! Looks Awesome! A fantastic Card!

  6. WONDERful background - it really is magical! It looks like you were also very much inspired by the new movie this week! :) Love the gleams of white for eyes and grin! I'll bet it is even more magical IRL, so hard to capture sparkle on camera.

  7. I just love the effect here Ky! Cheshire looks AWESOME!! Such a gorgeous card

  8. the distress background is fabulous!!! Great job with the changing of the background on the challenge to parallell layers vs them at an angle.


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