Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art and Peeks

Good day to all my lovely readers!! Something a little different here - I'm sharing some art journaling work, and I have a little teaser for you! First, a journal page:

{click to enlarge}

I'm involved in a website hosted by Milliande - a wonderfully artistic lady who created a Ning site that is open only to women and their art. It's fabulous, and nothing against the guys, but sometimes, the gals need a place of their own.

We're doing a journal page swap. We wanted to do a circle journal, but didn't want the expense of mailing journals all over the world and risk them being lost or damaged. Instead, we complete 2 pages each month, send those in to our hostess, and then she swaps them and mails pot-luck art from the other participants back out. It's wonderful fun!

The prompt for this page is "Because". My journaling says: "Because there were starving children in Africa, we cleaned our plates at dinner. I often wondered why we didn't just send them our food. Especially the green beans. I shed many a tear and lost a lot of play time alone at the dinner table over that one rule, and one particular item. My NEMESIS! The green bean! Today, I'm all grown up and I've raised my son. He's a good eater and never once heard about the starving kids in Africa at the dinner table."

It's a memory of mine, and a painful one. I'm not deriding the plight in Africa (and elsewhere with malnurished children), just remembering the agony over one vegetable. Surprisingly, I love green beans now. >^..^<

Now for something completely different! A friend of mine is beginning a new venture. She's creating a brand new line of stamps and I am so very honored that she's asked me to help promote it. Yippee!!! I don't want to steal any of her thunder, so I'll just give you a snippet. We're going to do the big reveal next weekend (keep an eye out starting Friday) and I think you're really going to enjoy the versatility of these images!

Are you ready? Really ready? Ok, here's your peek!

Ideas? What could it be? I know you're going to love this new line. It's very modern and bold. Come on back later this week to check it out. Don't forget the Alice in Wonderland challenge on Saturday, some Unity goodness on Sunday, and another art project (journal or zentangle) somewhere in all this too.

Ta for now! ~ky


  1. I love love love your art journal page. The layering of the colors, the mix of elements, it is so wonderful! I, too, spent many hours at the dinner table - not because of green beans but because of not drinking my milk! You can imagine how warm that milk would get, but I would NOT drink it. Maybe that is where I learned to be happy in my own company - you certainly develop a rich interior landscape during those hours of enforced captivity! And our starving children were in China, and I thought the same thing about sending them food! Again, I LOVE your journal page. Hope you share more like this, it is very inspirational!

  2. Ok, the peek snippet looks like the center of a rose OR the lapels of a jacket wrapped around a bullet tip! So, do I win anything or is that a huge GONG? Uh oh, now I have really dated myself. If the gong reference is over your head, you are younger than I am, LOL!


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