Saturday, September 19, 2009

A year later...

This was taken in mid-December 2008, about 45 days after rescue. See how skinny her face is, and how big her back feet are compared to her thighs?

This was taken mid-June 2009. She's been here about 8 months now. She's finally proportional (although everyone seems think she's huge!), and healthy. Full of life, always ready to play and grunt and have her nose loved.

I know lots of people will credit me with being a really good bunny mom. Really, all we did was bring her in out of the weather, get rid of the pests and worms, and provide her with nutritious food, clean water and love. She did the rest.

Please - think about life from your pet's point of view before you get one. Don't get one if it will spend all day in a cage, or in an empty house. Don't get one if you're not sure you can take care of it, or if you don't know if your recipient will be allowed to have one. It's such a sad project to take in an unwanted, uncared for animal. I pay all my rescues medical needs, food, proper housing, and then there's all the hands-on rehab for an abused psyche or depression.

If you think you want a bunny - I'd be happy to share what all that would entail. There are literally thousands of abandoned pets who deserve a home. Don't shop - Adopt!!

Thanks!!   Ta for now, ~ky


  1. What great progress! We adopted a cat last month, and he has been such a blessing. Part comic relief, part love sponge, and part constant companion...we're really glad he's in our lives! You can see his pic at

  2. She certainly looks like she has had lots of TLC, how wonderful to see her fit and healthly again. We have two bunnies (whom Rosanna, my daughter adores) they do live in a hutch but have there time in the garden too. We just adopted our latest pet from RSPCA last Saturday and he is settling in just fine, pics here,
    anyway got distracted came over here to wish you congratulations on achieving card of the week, WELL DONE! Take Care X:)

  3. Great message Ky! Tinker is thriving and looks awesome! My daughter is currently raising a baby squirrel that was rescued from a trimmed tree. It will be released very soon.

  4. healthy looking takes a special person to take in and care for the abandoned.

  5. I was horrified by the sick rabbit photo...then I lookied below and saw whata difference a little Bunny Luv can make! WOW. You're a hero! That's one nice Bunny right there I don't care who ya are!


  6. This is beautiful and well said. I adopted my cat, Gillie, when he was sick at the humane society and days away from being put down. I have had him now for 9 years and he is one of my main squeezes. I always said rescued pets are the most appreciative pets.

  7. You can say whatever you want but you most certainly ARE a FABULOUS bunny mom!!!!!!!!

  8. Kyra,

    Please share her/your story with us on the RA page on fb - for all the read how this started - love the happy end!!! Ingrid


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