Thursday, September 17, 2009

What "makes" Fall??

{click to enlarge, image by Sunshine's Stamp Creations}

For us, it's the fall slate of sports, primarily football, but also hockey. My husband, and my dear friend Lee, are both rabid Denver Broncos fans. They both hale back to the Elway years, the Orange Crush, and all those wonderful memories. I've always enjoyed watching the Broncos, too, but my memories are more recent, and just as historical. Anyone been watching??

Game two of the 2008-2009 season saw a monumental guffaw in officiating that resulted in a rule change for the NFL this season. It's been called the Hochuli Rule, named after the referee that had an historically inappropriate whistling, ending the play, pre-empting use of the challenge rule, and giving Denver the game when it should have been a turnover and a loss. Snark!!

Hochuli is a runner, so Karl and I are a little more familiar with him than some others. Regrettably, he made an error - who hasn't boffed something up at work? However, the NFL has given him another chance and I hope fans will too. He's a very likable guy, and a hard worker.

This season, Hochuli will still be officiating, but Denver's magic continues. They switched coaching staff, half the team and their quarterback. They looked awful in the first game of the season, and were certain to lose with only a couple dozen seconds on the board. After 2 near picks, Orton decided to throw yet again into triple coverage. We watched with fingers splayed over our eyes. To our surprise (and I think everyone else's in the whole football world), Cincinnati decided to play volleyball, and tipped the ball over to Brandon Stokley, who ran it in for a touchdown with 11 seconds to go. Karl's been walking around the house all week, stating, completely out of the blue - Denver's One and Oh!!

I am not happy. Denver swiped my QB from the Bears, and Chicago didn't have near the luck that Denver did. Wah!!! Oh - in case you were wondering - the uniforms for the referees for some of the games this season are this ugly orange. Throwback to their uniforms 50 years ago. No, they aren't orange and blue because Denver paid them off...

Ta for now! ~ky

Recipe: Base Gina K Cardstock, Blue CS, Pebbles, Football paper, misc; Images, Sunshine's Stamp Creations; Sentiment, Gina K.


  1. BWAH!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!! YOU are beyond creative and fun!!!! HUGS!!!

  2. OMGosh! This is awesome!! I LOVE IT!! Terrific with that embossed background! LOVE IT!! :)

  3. Cute card! I'm a former Bronco fan back in the heyday.

  4. oh my gosh what a perfect texture and color for this card! :) You are so talented hun! {hugs}

  5. Too cool! Your card rocks! Fantastic job!


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