Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Try this challenge:

1. Look at the things that are overwhelming or stressing you. Assign them a color of cardstock or a patterned paper (3 max).

2. Then, look at the things you love but feel you don't have time for - pick a stamp that could symbolize it or the feelings you're missing.

3. Just put it together - don't think, don't stress. Smell the rubber, the ink, feel the texture. Close your eyes and imagine. Let it carry you away. You don't care what it will look like. You are assigning stress to this project, and latching onto the love you're missing.

4. When you're done - burn it. Light it on fire, and let it melt your stress away.

5. Come back and tell me, blog about it, or go chat up your experience in the Unity forum, In a Creative Rut thread.

Peace be the journey - cool runnings.

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. I think you are VERY creative!!! What a great way to let go of stress!!


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