Friday, May 22, 2009

Hang Out with the Hangover-ers

Yep - it's Friday again! You know what that means...Hip Hop Hangover for Unity peeps! My post will be short today.

Memorial Day is coming. Do you have a tradition? Visiting your loved ones cemetery area and sprucing them up? Taking in a parade to honor our veterans? Celebrating a hero among you?

I really don't have a tradition. My Dad is retired Air Force, and he never liked to have us make a fuss. I think that was because he was dealing with his own issues of all the men who served and died that he had personally known.

Today - I would like to take a moment and recognize my heros. You see them every day. They work behind the scenes, giving of themselves quietly with no expectation of glory or remuneration. They are the volunteers. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They even come in an array of species. They clean community spaces, take homebound people where they need to go, deliver meals to shut-ins, help with crossing the street, just sit and let a lonely someone pet them. Thank a volunteer today. It's enough pay to them - I promise!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend! Stop by SCS and chat with us! Check out Unity's specials! They're HOT.

Peace be the journey - cool runnings.

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. Ky... what u share is so true.... volunteers keep this world going.. love your card!

  2. Super cute card.
    Emil me so i can get your rub-ons sent that you won from Val's blog

  3. great card Ky! Great tribute, volunteers are important!!

  4. OMG.....Ky this card is stunning!!!!!

  5. Beautiful card!

    And I'm glad you find volunteering heroic!

    They work harder than alot of paid employees I know.

    We don't have a "tradition". But we used to trek to New Paltz, NY to rock climb. Not this year, tho. Too much other stuff going on.

    Hey - Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Very pretty card! Love your tribute to volunteers too - they are important!

  7. fabulous coloring! love your hero story, thanks for reminding us! I agree!

  8. love this
    love the colors
    love the stile
    great card

  9. How sweet Ky! Your card is as beautiful as your words!

  10. Love the way you colored those flowers!

  11. Ky- this is absolutley GORGEOUS. I LOVE ho you colored those flowers. BEAUTIFUL. :)

  12. Love the way you colored those flowers!!

  13. great coloring and love the ribbon.

  14. Love how you colored those flowers! Such pretty summery colors!

  15. Love the clean and simple lines of this and the double ribbon. Great idea!


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