Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's been a stressful day, but I managed to get some ink on paper. This is for the Etsy Inspired Challenge (EIC) #37. This week's store is Sunbasilgarden, a custom soap store. Really nifty! I selected the banana bunnies for my inspiration piece. I know that's a real shocker!

Seeing the bunny soaps made me think of a relaxing hot bath. This image has little steam curls coming up from the water, and I started thinking about what it might look like to a bunny with a good imagination. The Basic Grey paper was the perfect image! What's a bath without a curtain? So...I grabbed the lace my dear friend Kristen sent to me a few weeks ago. Wal-la! Actually, I think that's voile...but I'm mixing languages. Then just a simple tag with "indulge" printed tone-on-tone.

Details on SCS in my gallery.

So...there you have it. A relaxing bunny bath complete with imaginary flowers. Hope you have a stellar day! If not, a nice bath might be just the ticket.

Peace be the journey - cool runnings.

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. OH MY GOSH KY!!!! This is soooo precious!!! The little lace curtain is such a pretty touch above that sweet bun-bun!!!

  2. Oh....I love this!!!! That curtain is the perfect touch!

  3. Talk about cute! I wish I was that little mousie right about now!

  4. This is SOOOOO darn cute! I love the image and the colors you used! So adorable! And the curtain just makes the whole thing!

  5. Ky this is soooo freakin cute!! I love the way you used the lace I sent you! :) I knew you would use it in some creative way! you rock girlfriend!

  6. Ky, this is A D O R A B L E ! I'm so jealous of that bunny... I'd love to be relaxin like her! Great job!


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