Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Shannon is now the official Stamping IDOL! OMG - have you been watching the action?? She ROCKS. Go give her some LOVE!!

Jacquie is now an official STAMPING MAID for Queen Kat Designs! Keep an eye on her - she's going places!

I'm glad to say, I KNEW THEM WHEN...
I didn't make the cut, but that's because there's a heck of a lot of talent out there. Which makes every one of you all the more special because you are our biggest fans! Give yourself a hand!!'s what I submitted - thought you'd like to see it. I cannot produce any more of these articles until I buy the Tilly stamp. Kat was very generous to allow us to use an electronic image for our competition. THANKS KAT! So I will honor her instructions and only post the two projects I made for the DT call. This is Tilly, dressed up two ways.

The top one is done with metallic pencils, and brushed over by a thin coat of stickles (diamond). The bottom one is done in SU! markers with beads and flower soft. I then applied a little Glossy Accents to give the feel of her having just flopped out of the water. I just love her little pout!

This next one was done when I was in a meeting.... It's okay - I'm retired now! It was hand drawn with gel pens.

So there you have it! Hope you had fun - stop by tomorrow, I might have something new.

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. you are sweet ky, thanks! Your Tilly cards are so gorgeous! I love all the detail you poured into her, makes her seem real on both cards!! you have been inspirational to me, dont forget that! Love yoU!

  2. Your cards rock too! I particularly love the first one! So pretty! I love your hand drawn picture too! Now that's talent!

  3. You are so sweet Ky! I love that about you. You always know how to sing praises for your friends in the best way! Your day will come, you have amazing talent!

  4. wow your cards are stunning Ky!! :) You put so much work into these! you are such a good friend congratulating them! {hugs}
    The name banner you drew is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! :)

  5. I love your cards too Ky... seriously.. they are awesome! hugs... see u online soon xo hugs


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