Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IFJM Danny Day 4

Well, Danny is moving along on his journey. Today, he completes the last leg of his travel and gets introduced to his new family. He watches his friend, Mel, driving off and leaving him with his new family. He experiences a feeling of separation, loneliness, and melancholy which surprise him.

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He also notes that Mel 'borrowed' his journal and left him a private message inside which cause emotion to well up in Danny. His drawing of the exit of Mel's truck demonstrates his sadness and fear.

What awaits our young lad? Stay tuned - he explores his new family and surroundings tomorrow!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (sorry - all you Dallas fans will remember that line!), have you thought about accepting my Wreck This Journal challenge? There's still time! Please remember, if you're ordering this book from Amazon, it would be wonderful if you would enter Amazon's store through Stamp TV, it would be greatly appreciated!

Ok - off for some coffee and a little journal time! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Ta for now, ~ky

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