Friday, April 16, 2010

IFJM #2 - Where am I?

Danny and Mel are on a cross-country trip to find Danny's new adoptive family. In this entry, Danny contemplates the future by looking at the past. Danny writes:

Well, I got distracted. Anyway, Mel comes & gets me and next thing I know, I'm in his car and I look in the backseat and I see all my stuff. I'm like - "Hey!" Mel gives me one of his 'classic' looks and says, "Yup, you've been sprung." I'm stunned. I mean, dude - I've been sprung but every time my skewers (oh - that's the adoptive couple) always send me back. Geez - maybe I'll be back home before someone claims my coat.

My stomach sinks. I ask Mel - where to this time? He says, "You're headed to Western Kentucky." WTF? I knew I was in for a long trip - so I grabbed Mel's hoodie, wadded it up for a pillow and settled in. I just hope this time they didn't pick me because they wanted cheap labor or a babysitter. However, the past offers me little hope.
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I'm up now. Had a little nap until we had to stop for gas. We were just outside Harrisburg, PA. Mel works for the Red Abbey - so we only had enough money for children's meals at fast food stores, gas and nothing else. We're in Mel's old pickup - it's hard to sleep like that but we managed. I pestered him, but all he knew about my new skewers was that they owned a little home farm and they had a daughter that was chronically ill. Great.

I can't help but think back on the last few skewer homes I've been in. One was in Hungry Horse (no, really!) Montana where I cut wood for the 3 months I was there. Beautiful place, but my room was the chainsaw equipment shed. Oh, and don't forget the time I was in Missouri at an egg farm where I slept with the (illegal) immigrant workers in the feed shed. Yep - I smell another memorable trip. Just in time for spring, too - what this time? Planting corn? That might be corny! Ok - time to zone out.
No offense intended to any of those locales. They are real, but I mean no disrespect in my writing. They are merely examples of how some kids get treated in the system. Well - off to my next folly. More from Danny in a day or three.

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. This is SOooooh fun! What a great idea. You're so right; I really really really do need to do this! I'm going to take some "me time" tonight. Thank You! I absolutely loved reading your entry--how inventive & creative. Hmmmm who will i be?--giggle giggle.

  2. What a story line for IFJM! Great sketches, too! Hope you’re still working in the fake journal and enjoying it. Thanks for visiting my blog 


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