Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IFJM Danny Day 3

So, Danny is continuing his trip across the country to a new family and home he knows nothing about. His anxiety does come through despite his attempt at courage.

{click to enlarge}

He's growing, and changing and it's likely to continue for awhile. Who wouldn't be a little nervous about that? Stay tuned for his continuing adventures!

Now, in other news: I got this cool new journal. I saw it on another site I play on, and it just really appealed to my inner child.

Yes, it's on my chopping block! You need to go thumb through this book - it's absolutely brilliant! Check it out at Amazon. I can't help but smile. Each page has a set of directions. The concept is to blindly follow those instructions - do not allow your inner critic to comment, judge, procrastinate or otherwise entangle you. Play with abandon. One of the first pages that caught my eye: STAND HERE (wipe your feet, jump up and down). Who can resist??

I double dog dare you to buy this journal and post what you do so I can see it!

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. My daughter & I have been wanting that book for a while. Maybe I should just splurge$ get them!

  2. Oh, I have wanted one of these for the longest time. You may have pushed me over the edge!

  3. I saw this advertised on a podcast!! I want it too!!! I know one thing is "use this journal as a hat" LOL

  4. No wait wait.... another thing was... "tie this journal around you and drag it behind you". LOL


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