Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Much Love...

I just love Thursdays. It's when I get to catch up with my friends on Splitcoast. We swap stories, ideas, projects. We put bandaids on skinned knees, and hugs on all the emotional owwies. I could not live without them now!

I love this stamp. It puts the world in perspective. Whateva - it doesn't matter, I'm not gonna give promotion to the difficulties in life. They are there whether we accept, acknowledge them or not. We should all practice "Whateva" a lot more, IMHO.
This is my latest purchase from QVC. It's In Stitchz by Bazzill. It has punch templates, a punch tool, 4 needles and 12 colors of floss. I enjoyed playing with this today to make:

Thanks for dropping in! I love to hear what you think. Stay tuned. I will have blog candy to give away in a few days.

Ta for now! ~ky


  1. I've had those instichz things foreva..LOL..and guess what they're still in the package..good grief..I'm a mess...I love what you did with them though!! and Very cool card..I agree with the Whateva..LOL

  2. These are beautiful cards! I love the split negative with the whateva stamps!! Cool purchase!!

  3. The stitching looks great! I am have one those but I have yet to try it. Your card is awesome too!

  4. Great cards Ky! You are so sweet commenting on your SCS friends! We love you too and can always count on you for hugs and support!

  5. Your cards are beautiful...Thanks for sharing...

  6. Ky, I love this! that stitched flower is awesome! thanks for the sneak peek yesterday.

  7. Very pretty card. Have fun with your new purchase.


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