Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hip Hop...

So, JingeBear was roaming around in the pantry today, doing her usual bunny inspection. I picked her up for a little nose-lovin' and I thought....I smell chocolate. I started walking around the house holding her, and trying to find out where the chocolate was hiding. Then it occurred to me that SHE smelled like chocolate. After a little investigating, I found a box of brownie mix had been chewed through and all the mix was gone. So, we had a little bunny bath, and the pantry was re-examined for appropriate things in the bunny zone. Don't worry - she's fine. There's cocoa powder in the brownie mix rather than deadly chocolate. However, it does explain her recent hyperness!

I'm writing this on Wednesday, in preparation for Hip Hop. Are you in? Do you know about Hip Hop? No?? First, go to the Unity blog at 10 a.m. Central time, and see the list of blogs you will hop along and view. Follow the leader, like a good bunny - go to the first blog mentioned on the Unity blog in the middle of Thursday's blog entry. Read that blog, comment, then look for the next blog name in that blog entry. Hop to that next blog and so on. Then, meet us at 11 a.m. Central in the Splitcoast Stampers forum - look for a thread that says Hip Hop. Play along and have fun! Oh - and don't forget to go back to Unity's blog to check out the specials - Angela will post this after the blog hop is done.

This project commemorates a fishing trip we took to Lake Powell. It's an 8x8 double page spread. You can find the supplies list here.

Ta for now. ~ky

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