Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time flies....all the time!

Wow, it's already Wednesday. Cool! Tomorrow is hip hop and the gals will be regaling us with CHA stories. I've been a bit under the weather, so I've not gotten much done. Sherry had her Friday Fun challenge to make a non-romantic Valentine's card for a friend or co-worker. Lisa had the Unity Addicts challenge to use blue, pink, yellow and red for a Valentine's card. Here's my one card for both challenges!

Visit my gallery for the supply list.

More news in the bunny saga: our neighbor had 30 bunnies in a poorly designed outdoor cage with a milk jug of frozen water last Monday. Today, she has about a dozen. Hmmm. I'm afraid to think about what she did to suddenly be down to a dozen. I'm so thankful we've been able to rescue our two girls, who are both doing well. Such sweeties.

Time for a brighter side to life! I'm alive again! Yea!! The Cardinals are in the Superbowl!! Yea! NASCAR starts up in a week! Yea!! Hockey is back on after the all-star break! Yea!! And my new friend Emily gave me this blogging buddy award! Thanks Emily!! I'll be passing it on soon!

And best of all, Patter has gently nudged me back into my Bible study - YEA!! And it feels so good. I'm not quite ready to make my first challenge post, but I've enjoyed just being back in His word. Special blessings to Patter for recognizing His guidance and placing a burden on her heart to lead this (see my sidebar for His Holy Name and Scripture Challenges). Heaven knows we're all too busy, and it takes a special someone to put their priorities where they should be. Love you, lady.

Ta for now. ~ky


  1. Wow Ky this card is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and everything that you chose for it!!! :)

  2. LOve the card! And I totally agree - Thank God for Patter and her leading the challenges - I am enjoying them so much! Have a super weekend!

  3. Great Card. Got my KOM yesterday & am anxious to use the Peacock.

  4. Oh Ky! You have brought me to tears. I have been in a seminar all morning about serving Him! I know I am where He wants me but it truly all comes from Him. My desire for all of you is to know Him more fully and to live for Him each and everyday. I feel blessed that He allows me to share and help each of you with His guidance. Thank you, thank you, and thanks for your comment too Lori! Bless all of you!


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