Monday, January 5, 2009

Hip Hoppy New Year!

I hope 2009 has been very good to you so far. We're managing. We still have about 6 inches of snow turned ice in the yard, with another dusting today. I LOVE SNOW. My favorite place to live (and I've lived about everywhere), is upstate New York. We had 9 months of snow, and I used to slide down snow banks that drifted up to my second-story bedroom window. The I would run around to the front of the house to help my Dad de-ice the front door. We built snow tunnels to the corner bus stop, and school was never canceled.

I thought I'd share a page today that has little to do with the weather. Well...actually it does. My cats, bunny and dog are going a little stir crazy with the snow. So this page relates how my oldest cat, Scrap, gets the stir out of her crazy. She's a real hoot! { and yes, I know her name is SCRAP not SRCAP, dislexia strikes again! }

Hope you enjoy. See you Thursday at the Hip Hop!


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  3. Cute layout! Your cat looks like she has a lot of fun! :)


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