Monday, July 11, 2016

Ziemer's Church

After all our travels, we reached Bucharest and met our host, Gerald Ziemer, and Ben. We loaded up all our gear and drove to Fundulea. Romania is a gorgeous country, similar to the US but entirely different. We drove past fields of sunflower, wheat, and corn. We arrived at the Ziemer's house.

Such a beautiful place, so calm and welcoming. 

This was the amazing view that greeted me the first day. Later, we would see sheep and cows being tending through the field beyond the fence. Just amazing.

This is the church - right next door. Convenient, huh? Almost every yard is fenced off - don't think of this as a sign of a dangerous town. Plenty of neighbors have yard birds, dogs, a little garden - fences just keep things neater.

We enjoyed a day of celebration on Sunday. The day started with a lovely church service, where we were embraced, kissed, taught new words, and enjoyed lovely music. Our trip leader, Scott, preached a beautiful message that was well received. After, we were treated to a feast. Nothing fancy, just good down-home potluck with grilled meats. Yum-O!

That evening, we shared stories and learned more about our hosts and another missionary who was living there. The Ziemer's are an amazing family. They've been in Romania for 20 or so years - all four children born and raised. I could tell the local community absolutely adores them.

Off to dreamland, and heading to the camp in the morning! I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile - if you haven't received my missions newsletter, please share your email address and I get it out to you. It has the prayer needs for our Malawian trip coming up in a few days. As always - I appreciate your interest and your support.

In Christ,

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