Monday, July 25, 2016

Camp Eli - Day 1

Mondays are Mondays, no matter where you travel. We loaded up all our gear and took off on the 2-hour drive to Ojasca, the small town where the camp property lies.
The row of vehicles and laundry greet us with an amazing view.
The kids are already loving on their new campers. We put them on the bus and van with the camp kids. I marvel at the way they soak up the language and quickly build trust and laughter. It is a great gift from God to witness.

The main building houses the adult sleeping quarters, gymnasium, kitchen, and covered porch. 
Once at camp, we off-load all our gear and begin to assess the area. The view is beautiful - breathtaking. There are lots of resources here - volleyball, an indoor basketball court that doubles as a skating rink, 3 trampolines, 2 tetherballs, a concrete fenced-in tennis/basketball court, a large porch, 2 eating areas, indoor plumbing, outdoor latrines, and of course - food!
Brianna Ziemer schools the competition about tetherball.

Mackenzie is on the fast-track to speaking Romanian.
We had a really hard time limiting the trampolines to one person at a time. Eventually, they figured it out and began self-regulating. Some of the things they can do - this old body would snap like a twig! I really wanted to try, though.
Absolutely beautiful view. The river is visible if you look closely.
Things I learned on the first day: A smile means the same thing in any language. Some of these kids don't have open areas to play in. Day 1 isn't about running camp - it's about organization and getting all the wiggles out! The best way to learn to swim is to jump in and do it. Same with love and languages!

Molly braids Gabriela's hair.
 Camp means, for some of the kids, being properly dressed and coiffed. There would be a never-ending line of girls braiding other girl's hair while braiding another... The cabins are really nice, although not heated or cooled. Four beds to a cabin, but usually 6 or 7 were sharing the space.

Body English is very important in Foosball.
The boys have no such qualms. "Is my body mostly covered? Partly? The important parts? That's enough!" And off they run.

Scott swears he does not come to camp to hurt children. Alex laughs along!
 This porch swing was the site for many messy treats, giggling, hugs, time out, and counselling.

What do you mean they're all gone?
Everything here is wash and wear, one way or another. We rounded out the day with evening singing, skits, testimonies, and prayers. The kids not so quietly made their way to their cabins where they talked half-way through the night. Typical, right? They told us full exhaustion would take hold with night-long sleep by Wednesday. Spoiler alert...nope.

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  1. What fun! I will look forward to reading about each day's adventures!

  2. Oh Ky, looks like a wonderful adventure.

  3. That picture #5 could almost be Ireland. The cabins look great - what a wonderful facility.


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