Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hurrier Becomes Behinder

You've heard that saying, right? The hurrier I go the behinder I get? Yeah. That's kind of been me of late. I got sick, got busy, got out of my good habits... You've been there, I'm sure. So - let's get this ball rolling, yes?

Splitcoast Stampers just wrapped up this year's Hope You Can Cling To event, and let me tell you - there wasn't a bum challenge in the whole lot!

How do you survive 40 challenges in 30 days? Plus the other ever-how-many other stamping obligations you have?  My secret is to boil the challenge down to the nuts and bolts, keep the design simple, and git 'er done!

I changed the cat's food last week. I wanted something with a bit more protein. But there's this problem. These really fat bunnehs that own this house along with the cats decreed the new food was theirs. Bunnehs. Eating kitteh foods. I suspect the ingredients don't match what's on the bag.

In other news, the Cowboys almost won a game. OT does not refer to overtime when there's a Cowboys game. It's Only Teasing.

Also, don't let your neighbor climb on the roof of their house on their own. Especially if they are over 80. Or 70. Or 60. That was a nerve wracking half-hour. His excuse was that he had to clean the roof off before his wife came back home, otherwise she'd yell at him and not let him do it.

Two days later apparently he told his little secret (don't tell my wife I did this), and she came running over to thank me. I enjoyed a little chuckle at the time because it was safe to laugh since no catastrophe happened. But really. Don't let them. The world needs more good neighbors watching out for each other!

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