Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spooky Gifts

I want to know. Do you still do the neighborhood door-ringing treat-giving thing? Or is it more common now to hold Halloween or Autumn celebrations with neighbors, friends or your place of worship? 

I always loved halloween because of the activities. The weather was amazingly perfect, baking and cooking became fresh and new again, there was football and hockey and the World Series. It was all about the whole season. I love it! Yes, I still do.

I wanted to show you some really cute options for sharing treats with others this fall. It doesn't have to be halloween-y if that's not your thing. But it can be fall and just a thank you token. The products I used are at the end of this post. These are super easy and get put together in no time! 

You simply die cut the treat bag and assemble with glue. All the measuring, cutting, edge 'pinking' and scoring are done for you with this die. And there are a bunch of little dies to help you decorate your bags in so many ways! It pairs perfectly with You're So Sweet stamp set. Just wonderful! 

The box is quick and easy - punch, turn, punch, fold. The gift box punch board does all the work! If you like easy projects, check out my kit-complete card classes. It's all ready for you to dive in and create!

Don't forget to check out my hands-free camera stand - Periscope is all the rage right now and this gem works beautifully for that. I have a light teal blue and a beautiful deep pink paint that you can pick. 

What is Periscope? It's a short-term free video service from Twitter that let's you chat with your audience while you demonstrate a technique, or show how to prep a meal, or how to sew buttons on a bunneh... ok, so maybe not that. The videos expire 24-hours after you stop the broadcast and you get live streaming comments as you go so you can field questions. You also don't have to do voice-overs and edits, so it's faster and easier than YouTube. Check it out! It's a phone app -

Hope you're enjoying the last little bit of summer. Ta for now.

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