Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY Sponge Daubers

Confession: I'm addicted to Distress Inks and foam blending tools. Yep. Raising my hand, but I don't want a cure. However, I do want my wallet to not feel conformed to loving some of the supplies. Enter into my DIY mode - Making Tsukineko-esque finger sponge daubers like these:

Now, I don't own any of this style, so I'm not sure if the foam is removable, washable, and likely to hold up in my mixed-media exploratory lab of a studio. I knew I wanted to be able to replace the foam because it will inevitably get dirty, worn, or possibly be exposed to close nibbling love of a bunneh. I wanted to be able to wash them, too. I'm messy. And cheap. These precious items run over a buck per dauber. Yikes! That little bag is $6.39. 

Burdened with this knowledge and fearing disappointment, I did what many other crafters would do. I turned to Pinterest. I found this really helpful blog post from a generously sharing stamper named Sharon. I do not know Sharon, but she sounds like a very smart lady who'd be a lot of fun!

I went to Home Depot where I found this 3/4 inch, red PVC precut in 3-foot lengths for $3.50-ish. I had a bag of cosmetic sponges from forever ago, so I pulled out my compound miter saw (I LOVE THAT THING!) and started cutting. I cut each piece at 1.25 inches. I have a little hand file, and I'll smooth down the edges - but that really isn't necessary.

For each dauber, I folded the sponge in half and pressed it down into the finger guard. Just a little adjusting and it's a nice snug fit. Perfect! You can slide them further in or push them farther out - whatever you need. I like them so much I might have to keep them by my bed.

That's my little tip for today. It was $3.50 and I stopped after I cut 31 and have another foot of uncut pipe remaining. Now, you know! Go be creative!

Ta for now!



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