Thursday, October 11, 2012

Practice makes perfect

Mom always told me to keep trying until it worked. Then she told me to keep practicing, not until I got it right, but until I COULDN'T GET IT WRONG. My Mom was amazing, and I miss her daily. Her advice comes back to me every day. So, listening to her voice, I took another stab at my hardest card making technique - one-layer cards.

YIKES! Almost as hard for me is the CAS (clean and simple) style. Here are 2 samples of my recent efforts.

Both cards used Theresa Momber's Whimsical Wishes stamp set, by Gina K Designs. I embossed the pink card with my Spellbinder's nestabilities die, and cut a matching piece of scrap cardstock to use as a mask. I buffed on the Spun Sugar distress ink, leaving it lighter in the center.

I stamped the image in Picked Raspberry, and used my distress markers using the thumping technique on the leaves. I added just a little bling to the centers of the flowers. I am pleased with how it turned out. But I was compelled by Mom's voice reminding me to practice until I couldn't get it wrong.

This is the second card, using the one-layer and CAS styles. Being a graphic designer, I often struggle with balance in my designs, especially when I'm working off the cuff. I didn't have a plan for this, but I just kept going. I was trusting my practice to lead a so-so project into a wow project.

What works: Having three strong elements on the lower left needed balance on the right. If you look at it, the 'weight' of the midge with one rhinestone, and the four graduated rhinestones on the right, it adds up to the 'weight' of the three circles because the space between the right-hand elements adds to their value.

Weight - if you look at a card and your eye is following a triangular pattern, that is one of the most pleasing alignments, you should feel like the card is centered. If you look, follow the triangle, but your eye comes to rest on one side or the other, that is unbalanced, or side-weighted.

I could have chosen to stamp the sentiment in teal. That certainly would keep it even more clean and simple, but it wouldn't balance the weight. The lighter color of the sentiment reduces it's focal importance to keep the card balanced.

Ok - enough of the technical stuff. I enjoyed making this card, and I think I'm a little more practiced at CAS and one-layer design. Thanks, Mom!

And thank you, too, for stopping by.


Pink card: Cardstock - Gina K Designs Pure Luxury
Ink - Distress Ink and Distress Markers
Rhinestones - Basic Grey

Blue card: Cardstock - Gina K Designs Pure Luxury
Ink - Memento Teal Zeal, Peanut Brittle
Rhinestones - Basic Grey


  1. They are both beautiful! You work outside of your box very well. :)

  2. 2 pretty cards! Lots of pretty things on your blog :)


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