Friday, April 6, 2012

Days are getting longer!

I am so glad we have returned to 'normal' spring temperatures here in the Chicago area. I am not at all ready for the hot-box conditions that will come our way all too soon. Easter is upon us. As Holy-days go, this is probably my favorite. It remains true to the story, not an alteration to hybridize Christianity with paganism (my opinion, please respect that).

A friend of mine (and probably yours too) recently suffered 2 brain aneurysms, and 2 brain surgeries. I was so scared for her! Remarkably, she has popped right back up and is ready to get back to crafting! Stamp TV and all the great fans over there hosted a challenge to make a card for Karen. For added appreciation, we were asked to CASE some of her work. CASE is 'copy and share everything'.

Here is the card Karen made that I chose to CASE. Isn't it lovely? 

Here is mine - I changed a few things on it - I didn't have the same border punches, and I used a slightly different color palette. My ribbon is white, and the sentiment tag is from Tim Holtz's Sizzix die.

Here's another little card I put together. I used Versamark ink on the stamped image, and applied 4 colors of Perfect Pearls. Love this effect!

My Perfect Pearls have an interference quality to them. When you tilt the card to different angles, you see a subtle shift in the colors. Isn't that cool?

I also decorated the inside. I don't do that very often, so it was fun to play with the reverse embossing image on the inside of this one-layer card.

It's a bit hard to photograph and I didn't have much time to fool with it, but you get the idea. A tip for working with Perfect Pearls - the powder sticks well to the Versamark, but will still rub off if you touch the image. I set mine using a fixative spray. Actually, I use Aqua Net hairspray. I hold it out at arms length and spray across the card rather than close up and direct. If you spray too close to the card, it will give it a slightly yellow tint. Holding it out and spraying across it allows the hairspray to fall in a gentle mist that is virtually undetectable.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy beautiful spring weather where you are. If not, just think of days when the butterflies will hover over beautiful flowers. Thanks for stopping by!

Ta for now,
♥ ~ky


  1. beautiful ideas. love them both. spring is here.

  2. These are fabulous cards, Ky. You did a great job CASEing our dear friend Karen (praying without ceasing for her recovery). And I LOVE the multi-colored butterfly. Gorgeousness on every level!


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