Monday, January 17, 2011

Wild. Precious

A friend of my, Effy Wild, has started a new Ning group for art journalists. She's got challenges, soul introspection and lots of inspiration. This week's prompt is to use owls. I love owls. I was responsible for owl surveys on my last assignment as a biologist. I was very happy when I was out in the wilderness, alone in the dark, listening for sounds and smelling the cool night air. So here is my art journal page:

{click to enlarge}

The owls always had a lot to say. They never would tell me where the owls for which we surveyed were hiding. Funny little things! I made these cuties with 2 round punches and a scalloped punch, and their bodies are from nested Spellbinders dies. I sewed the ribbon to be the tree, added some felt trim for grass and painted their head pieces. I admit it, I'm a sucker for googly eyes. LOL

{click to enlarge}

This is a close up of the branch and bird I created to accent the journaling over a mix of acrylic paint. The journaling was done with a Sharpie poster paint pen.

I hope these birds bring a smile to you. These pages are in my ArtHouse Sketchbook project that will go in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for visiting and feel free to comment if you have a question.



  1. oooOOOOooooo who dat? Oh, it's my friend Ky! I lub your owls....just too dang cute! So happy to see you being creative....keep going....i'm always eager to see what you come up with next.
    P&L, Dar (((hugs)))

  2. I *love* this page so, so much. <3


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