Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the rebound

Yes, I will resume my life. The haters held sway for a period of time, but I spent a lot of thought about what I should do, and what I should allow. My Cabana Boy and my dearest friends (all those who commented and prayed or sent positive energy my way) reminded me that quitting was the WIN the haters were after.

Can you believe this? That awful night was bad enough on it's own. But it got worse. Someone... SOMEONE called the local police department.

They said their name was Carrie, and they were calling on behalf of PAULA, from Missouri, but didn't leave a callback number. Convenient. So, it's nearly midnight. Cabana Boy is asleep, I'm in my PJs. The cops ring the doorbell. All three of them stationed strategically around me door.

Flashbacks. Just like we used to do. Oh - and I hear one Rita H. Cobbs is spreading lies that I didn't live my life. Her po-dunk sheriff don't know beans, but she's parroting what he doesn't know. If I really wanted to, I could sue the pants off all of them.

Cabana boy is NOT happy. I can't believe that petty women still live in high school spreading lies and making prank FELONY calls to the police. I've given the local law enforcement groups phone numbers and names. They will track back on any future calls.

So - all that said, I'm rising above. I'm not stopping my art, nor my sharing and teaching. Be true to you, fight injustice, rise above.


P.S those of you who think you can "abort" me because of your "better knowledge" just link me you doctor and I'll ask him directly. If you aren't willing, you're a liar. Accept it and fade away.


  1. Ky....I'm so sorry I've been out of touch for so long.....but OMGosh....sounds like you could use some long-distance HUGS!!!! Hang in there!!! I do care!!!

  2. What the fluffy???? Whatever happened, and it sure sounds like a doozy, I'm so sorry!! Big HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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