Friday, April 3, 2009

Saturday...what are you up to?

Me? Nuthin...well, ok. I've been thinking about starting my own challenges. These challenges are just as much for you as for me. I want to get back into scrapbooking. I've been on hiatus improving my card making skills. Now, I want to bring the two together. How? Let's explore:

Many of us make card sized projects, because they are smaller canvasses that come together fast. Larger projects, like 12x12 scrapbook pages are more intimidating because of the size and additional planning they require. What used a card as a page embellishment? Any lightbulbs go on for you?

What if...someone sent you a beautiful card that you just can't throw away? A flicker?

What used a card as a hidden journaling piece? Lights?

Can you see where I'm headed? There are a few 'dependable' problem areas for scrapbookers. One is how do you fill large areas of a page with something interesting that still fits with a photo or three? Another is: I hate my handwriting but I know it's important for my posterity and children; or the story is too private to have it just hanging out there in full view... Getting warmer?

Ok. I'm going to create a couple of polls and I hope you will let me know how these challenges can help by participating. I'll be back tomorrow to post those questions, and with a challenge. The challenge will have a reward. The winner gets the Unity Spunky Princess set in honor of Taylor's improvement. Feel free to comment with any thoughts you might have today.

Peace be the journey -- cool runnings.

Ta for now, ~ky


  1. Ky, all of your ideas sound absolutely wonderful to me! :) I will participate in any of them, and can't wait to see your challenge tomorrow!

  2. I understand the "overwhelmed" part. I have tons of pics I want to scrap, but my first attempt was so much space to fill. So I though maybe a smaller format - 8x8 or even a mini album.


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