Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anniversary Hangover...Oi my HEAD

Seriously. Have you ever seen such a party?? It's gonna take me three days to just clean my stamping room! Unity is throwing a week long party to celebrate their 1st birthday. They must be Hobbits, giving away presents rather than receiving them on their birthday. But hey, who am I to complain??

There are so many things going on - challenges, give-aways, sneak peeks, great sales...too much to take in all at once. I'll try to sum them up for you: there is a challenge for every day this week and you have until May 5 to get yours submitted. Each day's challenge will have one winner, and all challenge winners will be presented to the masses for voting to see who will win, are you ready?? Really ready?? THE KIT OF THE MONTH FREE FOR A YEAR. Hello! Is this thing ON??

Angela has been generously giving things away. I would turn her in for suicidal counselling, but I know she's just generous. She picks any reason to give things away - do you follow her blog? Did you sign up for My Unity Place? Are you wearing green today (jk)? Seriously - she is the giving QUEEN. Love her!

When you go to Angela's blog, check out the design team. They had sneak peeks of the May KOTM every day this week. So be sure to read older posts. When you get done hopping through the customers' blogs, join us for some chatting on SCS!

Only one project to share today so I don't slow you down. I completed this card for the VSN Vegas Gold challenge. I will be posting more projects over the weekend.

Details HERE. I hope you have a fantastic day! Don't forget, tomorrow is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY - hope you get to play!

Peace be the journey - cool runnings.

Ta for now. ~ky


  1. Ky, this is GORGEOUS! The gold embossing looks fabulous and that ribbon is awesome on this layout!

  2. Gorgeous card Ky!!! Wowwy!! love this card and all the gold!

  3. I just LOVE the gold embossing. Gives this image such a different look. What a beautiful card.

  4. ohhhh, it's SO beautiful Ky!!

  5. Ky you are so funny! Love this card!

  6. Ky, this is amazing!!!! love it!!

  7. amazing card.. wow! You put me to shame.. LOL wow gf.. u are uber talented! Love it!

  8. High end elegant, Ky!!! Love it!

  9. There you go again! Striking.

    And the smiles...suicide counseling! LOL.

    I hope you're doing well. I'm tired and haven't been able to finish a thing today, except the work day....

    Hope you have a great weekend. It's May...does warm weather cheer you (It does me)

  10. Ooooo the gold embossing on the texture cardstock is awesome!!!!!


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