Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And a-Hip Hopping We Will GO...!!

What's a Hip Hop, you ask? Oh you naive little's only the most fun you can have with rubber, paper, ink and the internet! It's like BINGO without a bingo card...Hmm...doesn't seem to convey the point.

Start at at 10 a.m. Central time. Read the Hip Hop post, where Angela will detail the offers for the week (usually ending mid-day, or midnight on Friday). She will also tell you which Design Team member will be the first blog you need to visit.Click on the first blog - remember, not all links show up in a contrast color, so just roll that mouse around {who wants a fat mouse??}. When your browser brings you to that blog, read that Diva's post for the day. Sometimes there's a prize to be won, sometimes the prize is the great inspiration you get from their project. At the end, they'll tell you which Diva's next. So, you hop on over to that blog...get the picture? Just keep blog hopping until you get to the end (the last gal will tell ya).

Then, join us at in the Unity forum for chats and challenges. I cannot stress enough how welcoming and wonderful all the Unity people are - the people who make it, and those who make things with Unity stamps. You just gotta experience it. So...what are ya doing still hanging here??? Hop on over to and get started!

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