Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Wristers

Lately, I have been drawn back to an old love, crocheting. I made these wristers in one day. Yep, both gloves, one day. I love projects that go like that. It makes you feel so accomplished.

I used a free pattern Easy Crochet Wristers from Coats & Clark. It takes some careful counting but it was an easy pattern to follow, even for my rusty crochet memory.

Yesterday was Hallowe'en, so you know I just had to carve some pumpkins! Here's the witch:

And of course I have to have a spider (because I just love those creatures, and they are sooooo Hallowe'enie)!

Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo) and National Non-stop Journaling Month (nanojoumo) - I hope you will be participating. If you do, stop in and leave me a link so I can check out what you're doing. Alrighty - I'm off to write and journal and do laundry and all kinds of other stuff.

 ♥ ~ky

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  1. awesome punpkins and thanks for the pattern! I will go check them out!


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