Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Irreverent Rebel

I might have that tattooed somewhere someday. Or maybe it should just be attached to my business stamp! For example, November is a classic month for the daily thankfulness. You're supposed to go day by day. For whatever it is you're documenting. This year, I'm documenting gratitude in my art journaling bible using the prompts put out by Illustrated Faith.

However well intentioned I might be, I just can't do it. Cannot. I had everything ready to start Nov 1. I really did. But I didn't get time to start until the 3rd. I blame the calendar for my downfall. I do. At the very least, it's complicit.

This is how the month is *supposed* to go. See? All the numbers in order. Like when I was a kinder.

Property of Illustrated Faith - do not print. Don't even think it!

One of the things I'm learning is that God has a different idea about these prompts. You see, I made a really pretty, fun page a few days ago (I'll be sharing it soon), but I made it to please me. God called me on it. Anybody relate? Yeah. He said are you making art for the sake of art? Or are you going to sit with Me and watch what I show you?

Gulp. Oops. Never ever ever let yourself run off with yourself. It cost me a couple of very well-spent days. Totally. Worth. It. Now each page I do has a reason, a story, a lesson, and a wonderful journey through His amazing Word!

The bubbles at the top and bottom is the effect of unpigmented molding paste scraped over a circle stencil. (Affiliate links to all products below.)

Day 1 was supposed to be 1 Cor 8:6 as we document our thanks for God Himself. So I started this conversation with Him, (can you imagine? We can actually just sit down and talk with our Creator!) and He pointed me to Psalms 104, God the Creator.

The original reference in Corinthians spoke about food making us acceptable or unacceptable to God. While that's very important to understand, I wanted to speak to Him about some of His favorite things.

What are His favorite things? Why, you and me! All of creation! In fact, He said it over and over again in Genesis - it's all good! I loved reading this Psalm, imagining His face as He looked about. Do you realize just how much joy He finds in caring for the details of the smallest animal? How He delights in the PLAY of the leviathan in the vast deep ocean! This just makes me sing praises all the louder! (Sorry neighbors!)

That's it for this page. While we're having a blast each day of November, we really should carry this over the entire year. If you're wishing you'd known or started, there's really no need to fret. Jump in!


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