Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm So Excited!!

Hello dear friends! I'm about to head out on my next mission. Over the next 9 days, I'll be participating in a kids' camp for orphans in Romania. Yep. Romania.

It's a place called Camp Eli, built for disadvantaged and orphaned children. I've heard wonderful stories and can't wait to get my hands dirty playing with them (and sharing the gospel, of course). Eli and Vivian Box began the work here, and now the Ziemer family from Tennessee oversees daily operations.


I feel blessed to be at this season in life where I can devote time, energy, and resources to helping others. We will be playing a lot of games, working on a lot of crafty projects (stamping!), and learning to trust and love others. Right now, we have about 70 kids attending between first and sixth grades.

Some of these kids have bad histories and really need encouragement. Some haven't spent much time outdoors at all. I'm sure there will be chaos as we all get to know each other, and that's ok. We'll be learning their stories, sharing ours, and giving them hope and laughter for a week. I know I won't be the same when I come home, and I really hope they aren't either.

I am grateful for donations - I'm providing all the supplies for 2 classes, and the travel expense is $2,000 US. Several people have been such a blessing with donations. If you'd like to pitch in - there's a button on the top right of this blog where you can do that through PayPal. If you can't contribute financially, I'd love to know you're a prayer partner for our trip! Please share this blogpost far and wide, you never know who's waiting for the right chance to contribute or pray.

You can head over to Facebook and 'like' the BunnyNest Ministry page. I don't know what internet access we will have in Romania, but I will be providing stories and photos as we go or on my return.

I would love it if you'd pray for travel mercies for our group of 15. We also need these kids to be open to the messages they will hear, and surroundings that will make them feel safe. Pray that we will provide the right experiences, and that hearts will be quickly linked. Of course, prayers for our surroundings, safety, the weather, and health are all cherished, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I also have a Go.Fund.Me campaign if you'd like to share that. My next mission will be in Malawi, Africa, taking care of health needs in the small villages.

Serving people, sharing Christ,

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